Mums @ Central

Mums @ Central

Mums @ Central aims to support mums in church to walk closely with God, treasuring Him with our hands full! This is a weekday fellowship group for mums with a crèche provided for small children.

Mums have an amazing opportunity to live out Deuteronomy 6:6-9 with their children, pointing to Jesus through the ups and downs of each day as they walk with Him. Each week in school term time, the groups meet together to have coffee, study the bible together and pray for each other. Throughout the year we cover a range of books of the bible, evangelistic studies and family focused courses. Through the caring support of our crèche helpers who kindly look after the babies and small children, the mums have been able to grow in our understanding and love of God together, form deep friendships and a supportive caring network.

Mums have said:
“This is an Oasis in my week.”
“It’s been great to explore Old Testament books like Zechariah, there are hidden treasures there!”
“I don’t have family nearby and the support of 2 hours to study the bible is great.”
“The crèche ladies really love our kids, it’s the first place I’ve left my baby and know that they are cared for.”
“This is my main chance to study the bible in the week, I so appreciate the time!”

Mums @ Central meets on Wednesdays, 9.30-11.30am and on Fridays, 1-3pm.

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