Students @ Central

Central is located in the heart of Dundee right between the two universities and regularly welcomes students from across the globe who are studying a wide range of subjects. 

At Central we encourage our students to be part of the church family by engaging in all areas of church life. We want to help you feel at home in Dundee and to grow in your walk with Jesus throughout your time here. There are lots of opportunities to learn more about Jesus through Sunday services, home groups, prayer meetings, one to one discipleship, etc.  There are also lots of ways to serve in the local church and we'd love you to get stuck into serving while here.  Being involved in church life beyond the Sunday services allows you to meet a wider group of people, to really experience  what it means to be part of a large church family, to encourage others and be encouraged, and to be challenged and grow in your faith.  

The work of the Students@Central team focuses around semester dates, however, we are also delighted to welcome young folk who are not students but in that broad age group to all that is happening.

The Students@Central team love to serve you by organising events where you can kick back, relax and enjoy spending time together. Good food is key and the occasional silly game might play its part too!

For further information on student activities etc please contact us.

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